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Once you share and submit your basic information, you will be able to see which plan works best for you. You can use the price calculator and see the actual amounts you will be paying for your family. As you can see Medi-Share is a great alternative to insurance for Christians. As I mentioned above, our family is currently covered through my husband’s insurance at work. Just like anything, your monthly share amount can change. Once you complete this process, the provider will send Medi-Share your bill.

Ashley has started and sold a couple of small companies over the last many years, and now has decided to take some time off to spend time with her family, and raising her son. Ashley managed a team of 11 staff and intends to start another business shortly. Ashley is an avid saver and investor and is knowledgable about not only entrepreneurship but, also investing.

Medi-Share providers consider all factors, including the validity of the bills, before the payment is completed. This non-profit, Christian-based medical expense-sharing program may be the answer to your prayers. It’s an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance that operates similarly to the health plans you’re familiar with.

  1. This book of the Bible shares how the church prayed together, supported each other, and carried each other’s burdens.
  2. They don’t qualify as insurance expenses or charitable donations, by law.
  3. Before we get started, I’ve already broke it all down for you!
  4. Compared to unsubsidized health insurance under Obamacare (, Medi-Share is a huge money saver.
  5. Then, the provider will bill the patient for what they owe.

So you pay for everything out of pocket until you reach that annual deductible, and they pay for everything else for the rest of that year. MediShare offers an option for individual seniors age 65 and older with Medicare Parts A and B called the Senior Assist program. Application forms include a health history questionnaire and a Testimony & Commitment Form.

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be that difficult, or frankly, that confusing. Monthly share payments are due by the 1st of each month. If received after the 1st, $5 or 5% of the outstanding balance (whichever is greater) will be charged as a late fee. Access to Telehealth services is provided free of charge.

What Medi-Share Does Cover

In the case of an emergency, we could handle having to pay $10,500 out of pocket from our emergency fund, and we enjoy the savings the lower monthly share affords us. In each of these higher AHP cases, let’s say we average $3,500 a year in medical bills, we’re still coming out way ahead (than if we opted for the lower AHP selections). So with the $12,000 AHP plan, we still come out almost $6,000 ahead annually and really similar to our $10,500 AHP plan (saving $5,800 annually). You will notice on row 3, this is the plan that I currently have, which is grandfathered in. But per year we have to incur $10,500 of expenses before they begin paying. We intentionally have a high deductible plan because the dues are so much lower.

Keep in mind that age and health are part of determining your cost. Here is the Medicare cost based on our family of 5 with my husband being the oldest (born in 1979). Members also send cards and encouragement through the mail when they are notified of your medical event. You’ll even experience this level of care when you call customer service. Deciding to become a stay-at-home mom changed a lot of things. One of those things was having the ability to afford health insurance.

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Why Is Health Important?

Here, members are required to follow Christian principles, and they are ensured to actually help others. It is more about contributing to a cause and being with like-minded people. Email marketing to follow-up with your customers is massive when it comes to scaling your online business to the moon.

MediShare review – Is it better than insurance?

Medi-Share has been the perfect fit for our family and being able to choose the plan we need for what our family can afford has been awesome. MediShare is a healthcare cost-sharing ministry in which members contribute monthly shares to help pay for other members’ health bills. The company offers patient protection and affordable care. This service has advantages for those who have high costs and often unexpected health procedures.

For my family of five, we chose a $10,500 AHP, which is high, but it means a lower monthly share. Note that this is a grandfathered level, essentially equivalent to the $12,000 level today. The size of the AHP you choose will determine your monthly share.

I’ve been with them for eight years and I believe his health insurance alternative will continue to be a great option for my family for years to come…and could be for yours, too. Now for us, looking back these last nine years, eight of those nine years we’ve probably averaged about $4,000 in annual medical bills. And now we have one year where we have $10,000 to $15,000 in bills.

Then, and to potentially make it even worse,  filing a health insurance claim can be even more confusing. Fill out the form below to get access to our pricing calculator and see how much you can save. Like any other health plan, how much does medishare cost per month Medi-Share has its pros and cons. You’ll be able to determine your specific household portion, which affects your sharing eligibility. You’ll be advised of these amounts after consideration of the factors mentioned earlier.